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Posted on Oct 12, 2017 11:01 AM

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Posted on Oct 12, 2017 11:00 AM

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The Knittel brothers discuss important World Cup qualifiers, the Ballon d’Or 30-man list, Neymar wanting Barca out of the Champions League, and more. Listen here:

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Stories & topics discussed on this episode:

Segment 1
- USMNT discussion on Friday’s qualifier
- Argentina struggling to qualify for World Cup (http://www.espnfc.us/blog/marcotti-musings/62/post/3224624/argentina-world-cup-qualification-struggles-have-many-causes-france-vital-win-england-mess-with-formations)

Segment 2
- No Fan Futsal segment this week due to international break, so we went straight to our usual Segment 3

Segment 3 
- Ballon D’or shortlist released (http://www.espnfc.us/paris-saint-germain/story/3223819/ronaldo-messi-neymar-luis-suarez-harry-kane-on-30-man-ballon-dor-list)
- Neymar wants Barca kicked out of Champions League (http://www.espnfc.us/uefa-champions-league/story/3224516/neymar-asks-uefa-to-boot-barcelona-from-champions-league-amid-dispute)

Other Items Mentioned
- Pirlo & Kaka retiring
- Conditions for US qualifier in T&T (http://www.espnfc.us/united-states/story/3224710/united-states-trains-on-flooded-pitch-in-trinidad-ahead-of-world-cup-qualifier)


Posted on Oct 11, 2017 10:00 AM

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We’re excited to announce our very first press release! You can find the official press release here. And you can find a copy of the press release below.


Fan Futsal, a website offering simplified fantasy soccer games, announced the launch of its new tournament feature. The feature functions like real-world soccer tournaments, such as the FIFA World Cup, with users competing in a group stage before progressing to knockout rounds.

“Our first-of-a-kind, team-based tournament style of play allows users to compete in a new, engaging way,” said Fan Futsal founder, Dave Knittel. “Many fans love watching tournaments like the World Cup; we’re confident they’ll love competing in a similar way.”

Tournaments last between 4 and 7 weeks rather than a full season. Groups of 4, 8, 16, or 32 users are broken into groups of four. Just like teams in the World Cup, users play 3 head-to-head group stage matches before the top two teams in each group progress to the knockout rounds. Users can play using one of the seven different North American and European leagues offered on Fan Futsal.

“The creation of our new tournament feature fits perfectly with Fan Futsal’s mission, which is to engage more of the tens of millions of soccer fans both in the U.S. and abroad.”

About Fan Futsal 
Fan Futsal is a website which offers daily and weekly fantasy soccer games. Fan Futsal’s unique approach to fantasy soccer has users select clubs instead of individual players for their fantasy teams. The fantasy scoring and lineup selection processes are simplified and designed to appeal to all types of soccer fans. The website offers games featuring clubs from the major European and North American soccer leagues. Fan Futsal was officially launched in 2016, and the company is based in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit fanfutsal.com or follow Fan Futsal on Twitter (@Fan_Futsal) and Facebook (facebook.com/FanFutsal5).


Posted on Oct 10, 2017 11:10 AM

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We're excited to announce Fan Futsal is live on Product Hunt!

For those not familiar with Product Hunt, it is an online community where products are submitted and reviewed/upvoted by the community. The more reviews and upvotes a product receives, the higher it goes in the rankings and the more people that are able to see the product.

Please check out the site and leave a review or let the community know about Fan Futsal.


Posted on Oct 09, 2017 12:14 PM

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