Fan Futsal

Fan Futsal was created from a combination of our love for watching soccer and our frustration at the lack of a captivating fantasy soccer experience. We wanted to simplify the scoring experience and make it easy for users to follow along with multiple matches while retaining the strategic elements that make fantasy sports so enjoyable.

The idea came to the founder, Dave Knittel, as he sat at his former accounting job during busy season and day-dreamed about working for a company in the soccer industry. The idea started in the fall of 2013 as a season-long league, but it was too complicated even for hardcore soccer lovers. Right around the time the idea was formulating, the daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry started to heavily increase television promotion and the DFS concept fit very well with the Fan Futsal model. The nameless season-long idea was dropped, the number of spots on the fantasy roster was reduced from 11 to 5, and Fan Futsal was born

Fan Futsal fundamentally changes the way people play fantasy soccer by using soccer teams to fill the positions on a fantasy roster that individual players normally fill on traditional fantasy sports rosters. The score (goals for and against) and outcome of the match (win, loss or draw) is converted to fantasy points for each of the 5 teams on a user’s fantasy roster.

Because Fan Futsal uses teams instead of players, the game does not fall under the protection of the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006), under which most other fantasy sports websites are somewhat controversially protected. As a result, Fan Futsal does not collect entry fees and/or award any prize money. Instead, we focus on our core product, developing a passionate community, and delivering valuable content above and beyond traditional daily fantasy sports platforms. Additionally, we wanted to focus on the social elements that come along with playing fantasy sports, so on top of the core gameplay, we offer users the ability to network, connect, and interact with each other.

The Team


Dave Knittel – Dave worked in corporate America for 5 years in accounting and finance but always knew he wanted to work for a soccer startup. He is a lifelong soccer fan who’s become more obsessed with the game as he’s gotten older. Dave is an avid fantasy (American) football player and has tried numerous times to play fantasy soccer but has never found a compelling product. Hence the creation of Fan Futsal.

Special Thank You


Your unending positivity and encouragement has pushed us through the hard times. Your willingness to help out with any and everything we’ve asked has been instrumental in getting us to where we are. Without your support we wouldn’t be here today.

Dave S

We can’t thank you enough; you helped get this whole idea off the ground by providing early frameworks and countless hours of advice. We greatly appreciate your guidance and wisdom.


Without you, the original beta would have never been possible. Your help and support in the early stages allowed us to vet our ideas and make them a reality.

Vinfotech Team

You helped take Fan Futsal to the next level – the site looks fantastic.

Countless Friends and Family

Most importantly, the friends and family who have supported us throughout our development have been invaluable. Your patience, willingness to help, and encouragement have pushed us to where we are now and will carry us into the future. Thank you.